Spring 2016 Artwork

Spring 2016 Artwork

Sand Dollar – Pink $589, Spiral Shell – Ivory

Feathered Freefall Pink, $699
Gilded Sea Weed II, $749
Mascara II & III, $269 ea.

Land and Sky I & II, $549 ea. 

Wooly Stare, $349
Velazquez Series, $119 ea. 
Peerage of England Series, $149 ea. 

Cocoa Plumeria Leaf Lg $329, Cocoa Round Leaf Lg I $329

Grey Ginko Leaf Lg, $329, Grey Araceae Leaf Lg, $329. 
Orange Peel I & II, $399 ea. 

Fiesta I & II, $219 ea. 

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