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  1. Vera

    How much is just the table?

    1. Alex Gillis

      Hello Vera!

      The table is on clearance for $1000 (originally $1600) as the chairs just sold. Yes, the dimensions without a leaf are 42″x60″ and extends to 72.

  2. Vera

    Does the table extend to be longer?

  3. Larry Healey

    There were black chairs with this table when I was in the store. Are they available with the table still?

    1. Alex Gillis

      Hi Larry!

      Yes they are, I can have someone take a photo and get pricing for you tomorrow as someone will be in the store to receive an incoming shipment.

      1. Larry

        That would be great!

        1. Alex Gillis

          Hi Larry!

          Sent an email with the details and a photo to your email – let me know if it didn’t come through and I will resend.


          1. Larry

            Hi Alex. Nothing has come through.

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