Been dreaming of redoing your living room?

Longing to make it a unique reflection of your style?

But let us guess. . . Even though you’re excited about flexing your DIY muscles, you need a bit of encouragement to get you started . . . and to keep you on track.

Meet Alex Gillis, interior designer at Rousseau’s. She shares the inspiration for this FREE mini-course and how it captures the essence of Rousseau’s methodology while also connecting with your personal and unique journey of redesign.

Have you been pinning images of sofas, wall art arrangements, or that perfect mid-century lamp to your Pinterest design board for years?

We’ve got good news that’ll get you out of digital-dreaming mode.

The day when you walk into your new living room and it feels. . . so satisfying, unique and homey all at the same time. . . it’s really, really close!

Since 1929 the Rousseau family and their in-house designers and decorators have been dedicated to one thing.

The art of crafting high quality interiors that are comfortable and elegant at the same time. 

That’s FOUR generations of happy clients who not only love the end results. But it’s also proof that our clients trust our process – from original big ideas, to clarity, to sourcing all the way to installation.

Want us to pass some of that insight and time-tested expertise on to you? Yes?!

We’re excited to share it with you in the FREE ‘Design Your Dream Living Room’ guide and mini-course.

Take a look at this beautifully designed Getting Started Guide, complete with a style quiz, planners, journal pages, a budget spreadsheet and floor plan sketching pages.

Design Your Dream Living Room Getting Started Guide:

Rousseau’s has taken all our generational knowledge and experience and encapsulated the essence of what you need to DIY your DREAM living room from start to finish. 

This free guide has been thoughtfully curated into three parts to ensure getting started on your dream living room journey is inspirational, fun and practical. Each module walks you through the three phases of design.

Module 1

 In the first module, we’ll dive into the heart of your vision, understanding your unique style, lifestyle, and budget. There’s even a quiz to help you name your style, a Budget Spreadsheet, and a journal entry to help you articulate your Big Why.

Module 2

Next, we’ll provide you with the tools to create a basic Floor Plan and Wall Elevations to assess your existing furniture, which will help you decide what stays and what goes.

Module 3

The third module is all about refining your vision, exploring your preferences in colour palettes, textures, and fabrics, as well as guiding you in making informed decisions when selecting new pieces of furniture. And finally, there’s a SMART Goals worksheet that’ll ensure this is a positive experience 

(Annnnnd if you need help along the way, we’ve got some design mentorship packages that might be the perfect halfway point between completely doing it yourself and hiring an interior designer.)

Are you convinced yet? Great!