Just Arrived… Soft & Serene Art Prints

One of the easiest ways to bring some life into a room is by changing up the artwork. The right piece of art has the ability to calm us, evoke joy, or even pull together an otherwise disjointed space.

Usher in the first signs of spring with tranquil scenes borrowed from nature. Our latest shipment of Canadian made prints offer a soft and serene palette in a collection of historic drawings, botanicals and abstracts.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect artwork for your home:

  1. Scale: Arguably the most important aspect of choosing the right piece of art for your space. The most common mistake we see is having artwork that is too small – you’ll want it to cover approximately 2/3 of the width of your sofa, sideboard or bed if it’s hung directly above it. It’s always better to err on the side of slightly too large rather than too small. If you have framed art that is too small for your wall, you can easily have it re-matted and framed to be larger – this is also a great way of reviving a dated piece that you don’t want to part with (P.S. we love Frame By Design in Downtown Whitby!)
  2. Balance: Similar to tip #1, balancing out a large piece of furniture is important so your art does not become overpowered. Stacking prints vertically 2 or even 3 tall if you have high ceilings can help to visually harmonize your space. Likewise, hanging a larger piece of art in the centre and flanking with a series of smaller pieces on either side has the same effect.
  3. Mix & Match: When done correctly, combining classical and contemporary art makes an unexpected statement. Repeat colour or theme/motif (botanical, portrait, photography, etc.) to keep the look cohesive and intentional. The same principle goes with furniture items – pairing traditional furniture with contemporary art and vice versa. Reinforcing a colour scheme or motif with plants, throws, pillows, and accessories can help pull together a space with otherwise juxtaposing pieces.
  4. Grouping: If you’ve been attempting a gallery wall style of hanging and just can’t seem to get it right, try grouping the items closer together and leaving empty space around your pieces as opposed to having them scattered over a large expanse of wall. This makes the grouping look more purposeful and focuses the eye.
  5. Buy what you love and have fun: Art is one of the only home purchases we make that doesn’t need to be “practical” – it’s not being cuddled up on by the family for movie night, no one is going to spill red on it (well, okay, maybe this could happen in theory), there’s no checking for fabric content and washing instructions. Whether you prefer bold abstracts, classic botanicals or nature photography, it’s imperative that your artwork make you smile every day when you walk into the room.

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