We’ve just received our latest shipment of artwork, designed and manufactured locally in Burlington, Ontario!

These stunning pieces take inspiration from nature and historical drawings while offering a fresh and unique perspective. From high contrast to cheerful whimsy to subtle neutrals – there’s something for everyone!

Land & Sky I & II, 35×47″ $550 ea.


Umber Connection I & II, 33.75 x 41.75″ $490 ea.


Tall Frond Series Small, 11×28″ $120 ea.


Tall Frond I Large, 21x 55″, $370


De Mari Series II Large, 31 x41″ $600


De Mari Series I & IV, 19×25″ $250 ea.


Frontispiece Mask Large 42″x52″ $700

Pastel Revival VII, XVI & XVII, 29×39″ $330 ea.

Engravings – 1778, Summer Room (Top) & Dairy House 41×25″ $400 ea.


Sapphire Blooms I & II, 27.25 x 33.25″ $230 ea.


Bird Sketch Series, 17×21″ $110 ea.


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  1. To Peggy or Betty, (on sale)there was a side table , top was marble and base was gold. When I enquired about the size, I didn’t see the email till later that day and by that time I saw the reply it was sold. I believe the company or name of table started with an “M” I just wondering if they still sell it or where I can find one. No rush, Cindy and Joel Smith

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