Do you have a sofa or chair that needs a new look?

We can help you transform your old furniture piece into a new favourite.

Our in-store decorators will guide you through the fabric selection and discuss ideas of updating your furniture piece.

Your sofa or chair can get a complete overhaul by refinishing the legs and frame, repairing the coil spring system, changing the seat and back foam cores. It can get re-styled by re-shaping the arms, adding a skirt to a leggy piece, or by changing a two-seater sofa into a three-seater sofa. If your furniture piece only needs a change of fabric, we can help you with that too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that buying quality furniture and keeping is as long as possible is the most sustainable route. The right upholsterer and fabric choice can bring new life to a tired, dated piece of furniture and extend your enjoyment another 10-15 or more years, depending on the construction of the piece. That family heirloom lurking in the basement? Hand-me-down sofa from mom and dad? Second hand dining chair set? All perfect candidates for reupholstery!

Any type of furniture with fabric or leather covering can technically be reupholstered. Our experienced team can help you determine whether your specific piece is a worthwhile candidate for reupholstery.

It varies depending on the size and complexity of the piece as well as fabric price per yard. Email [email protected] with a photo of your piece(s) for a quote

For quality control reasons, we only provide reupholstery services using fabric purchased through Rousseau’s. This is because in order to ensure the best results, we need to be sure that the fabric is of appropriate quality and has the correct intended use rating. 

Our expert team of decorators can assist you in choosing just the right fabric for your budget, style, and lifestyle. Book an appointment using our appointment booking feature.

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