We are so excited to finally be re-opening this coming Tuesday (Feb 16th)! We have missed you – our incredible community of clients and friends that we have built over the years.

It’s no secret that getting product of any kind in a timely manner has been especially difficult in the past year, with lead times for custom furniture orders creeping up above 12 weeks and many decor suppliers facing month long backorders. This all at a time when we have been spending more time than ever inside our homes, wishing we could have a complete transformation or at the very least spruce things up a bit. Overall, just another cherry on top to a frustrating year (to say the least).

That’s why we’re so excited to finally have some gorgeous goodies arrive just in time for opening our store back up to all of you. We love helping you beautify your space, and assisting you on the journey of creating a home that speaks to you, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and says something about who you are.

Check out the rest of our recent shipment of lighting from Regina Andrew and Visual Comfort, a mix of some long time favourites and brand new styles!

A reminder of our store hours and some of our COVID-19 policies upon re-opening:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11-5 

Saturday: 11-4

Sunday/Monday/Wednesday: CLOSED

Photo: Lisa Romerein Interior: Steve & Brooke Gianetti

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Photo: Lincoln Barber Interior: Julie Couch

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Photo: Farmhouse Fresh

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Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna Interior: Suzanne Kasler

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